Friday 4 July 2008

Frugal Friday - Chocolate Quesadillas!

I have decided that frugal Friday to me means making the use of some of the leftovers in my kitchen to avoid a repeat trip to the supermarket before Monday! Although today I did go back to pick up some ingredients to make a meal to take to my aging Grandparents tomorrow. I think this is ok! :-)

So my frugal tip today is to make Chocolate Quesadillas. I had some left over tortilla's and wondered what I could do with them so I made a chocolate quesadilla. I heated my griddle pan, spread a moderate layer of chocolate spread on one half of the tortilla, folded it over then toasted/grilled it in the pan.

Oh so yummy. Not the healthiest lunch in the world but one of the tastiest! and a great way to use up left over tortillas. It reminded me of chocolate crepes from the German Market at Christmas. Mmmmm :-)

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