Monday 2 June 2008

Handsoap and Plumbers!

I have 2 whole weeks of holiday stories I could write about but this morning something happened that made me think. So I had been awake early to say goodbye to my lovely blog supplying husband as he headed off to the fast east on business. But as it was a non-paid work day today ( I don't call it a day off as a morning of cleaning and then a lunchtime schools club is hardly what I would call relaxing!) I thought i'd allow myself a few more minutes of sleep. The plumber had other ideas. And in fairness had I been expecting him I would not have greeted him at the door in a sleepy, blind (hadn't picked my glasses up as I flew down the stairs!) daze and just about respectable dressing gown. In our post holiday blurr I had totally forgotten that the plumber was coming today.

So here he was on the doorstep and I didn't have a clue why he was there! Slowly the cogs in my brain started turning and then I remembered the tap. The one that has been stiff for months. The reason for getting the plumber in was because we paid the company a lot of money to redo the bathroom and it was still under guarantee so we thought we should take the service they offered. Otherwise a stiff tap would not generally warrant a plumber. Anyway somehow in my very drowsy and clumsy mind I managed to explain the problem. Having pulled the tap off to display the presumed problem and not been able to see any problem and also having not realised it was the same man as last time I dashed through to find my glasses, relieved that my dressing gown had been tied correctly and lack of vision had only really made me appear stupid and not look it too! I left him to it and after just 5 minutes the problem was apparently solved. So somehow I managed to let him persuade me that fancy my new American handsoap was all that was required to lubricate the threads and with use all would be well again with the tap. And then he was gone!

Now I am a doctor and whilst urgent calls are not part of my daily life anymore there was a time when a bleeper would wake from sleep, yelling "cardiac arrest, cardiac arrest, ward 15" and I would leap from my bed, dress in nano-seconds and then dash to said ward and begin life and death decision making. Granted I would shake and tremble and then drop exhausted back into bed at the end of it all but still, decision making in an sudden instant was my job.

Back to today, woken from sleep by loud doorbell, dashed down stairs with badly tied dressing gown and no glasses and then to let a plumber tell me that my american handsoap is all I need to fix a stiff tap and let him leave is hardly a tribute to my life and death decision making skills.

One day (hopefully :-) ) the bleeper and doorbell is going to a baby crying or screaming. Lets just hope that all those times are as easily solved with american handsoap or I'm going to be trouble :-)

PS: This is the amazing handsoap.

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  1. Don't worry, Linz: babies are *way* easier than plumbing. Just ask Trevor, who managed to flood our whole building before we even moved into our old flat, yet has never inflicted any (permanent) harm to any of our babies. Easy-peasy :)