Monday 2 March 2009

Menu Planning Monday (I have to start back somehow!)

Ok so it has been too long without blogging. I guess I have to start back at sometime and as i have no mental energy just now to be overly creative I thought I'd start with what I did today.

Menu Planning.

Infact I did this in bed last night in an attempt to get ahead of myself today. This week I am on holiday. Much needed rest for my brain! It is also the crunch week for our current renovations. The Fireplace came this morning, the decorator comes on wednesday and Nigel is looking forward to this weekend as I go to a women conference and he gets to do uninterrupted DIY :-)

So i made a list of all the things I want to accomplish this week. Perhaps the list is a bit enthusiastic but in fairness some of it includes what I normally do so I have an extra 3 days (in theory) to get through the rest of it. Perhaps I'll fill you in on my progress as the week goes on.

So as it is a week of holiday I though I should do some things that I will enjoy. So the menu plan this week has  lots of new untested meals on it. Consequently there was a bit of a gulp at the checkout in the supermarket today. However many of the meals are for atleast 4 people and so there will be left overs for next week :-) I hope to try out a couple of Crockpot dishes for my new Slow cooker ( the fruit of some Christmas money) and make a few things we haven't had in a while.

Menu Plan:

Breakfast: Fend for yourself, Toast and Cereal

Lunch: Soup and Rolls most likely.


Mon: Sheperd Pie (this is now ready and smells good) with roast parsnips and frozen green beans

Tue: Griddled Tuna Steaks with Courgette and Pepper, served with Couscous (al a Ainslie Harriot)

Wed: Crockpot meal 1, Lamb Pilaf

Thurs: Spagetti Carbonara, cooked the proper way from scratch with eggs!(hmmm, have to see how this works out) served with salad and bread

Fri: Crockpot Meal 2: Honeypork served with RIce

Sat: Frozen Pizza (Nigel in on his own, and he wanted something quick and easy)

Sun: Fish Cakes, (I'll try to make these before we go to Church) salad and bread

Extras: Banana Loaf/Muffins (to use up the bananas that are trying to run out of the kitchen) and a batch of Cookies for Nigel to take to work.

So there we go. Now I have a new fireplace to polish, some routine chores to do and then a delightful evening of painting wood work. Enjoy your monday, do check back with me later in the week.

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  1. Yay, you're back! And now I'm missing my days of watching Ready Steady Cook while waiting for Trevor to get home from work... sigh.

    Can we come for lunch on Sunday? Fish cakes sound delish!